Absence Management

We offer a flexible portfolio of solutions to help your clients handle every aspect of absence management

The advantages of our integrated process include high-touch service for clients, absence technology that aids in compliance. Our experienced, knowledgeable case specialists and in-house medical, vocational, and compliance experts ensure the correct outcomes.

Portfolio of solutions

We offer a flexible portfolio of solutions to help your clients handle every aspect of absence management, including:

  • FMLA
  • STD & LTD
  • Company Leaves
  • State Leaves
  • Stay at Work
  • Check-cutting and Advice to Pay options

Our integrated process

  • Integrated intake for Leave and STD
  • Customized integrated communication, email, reporting
  • Online access via Portal to intake, status, reporting
  • Integrated medical certification, telephonic outreach to provider
  • Single Case Specialist handling all leaves and STD

Count on our expertise to serve your clients

FullscopeRMS provides everything you need for flexible and full-service absence management services.

High touch service for clients

  • Case Specialist contacts employee within 2 business days to provide next steps and their direct extension
  • We approve claims within 3 days once information is provided by health care provider
  • We explain the decision to employee over the phone and in writing
  • Our appropriate caseloads allow Case Specialists ample time to provide needed support

Absence technology aids in Compliance

  • Automated identification of applicable leave types
  • Online self-service portal available 24 hours including via mobile device
  • Automated emails and texting with claim status
  • Robust, flexible, real time integrated reporting capabilities
  • One click access to Federal and State regulations
  • System alerts when intermittent leave is outside of approved frequency & duration

Expertise ensures correct outcomes

  • Experienced, knowledgeable Case Specialists
  • In-house medical, vocational, and compliance experts
  • Implementation guidance and support to build eligibility file, provide history and takeover data, understand leave preferences, provide best practices, identify customization needs, and provide leave process and Portal training
  • Ongoing account support and proactive claims management

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